Small-Group Training




I offer small-group training for those who are looking to gain some extra focus and coaching but without the 1-1 structure of personal training.

This is a fantastic, sociable training style and allows you to make friends with similar interests while also working hard together and chasing your own transformation.

Small group training offers all the great benefits of personal training at a more affordable price, giving you the best of both worlds: great coaching, great prices, and great opportunities to enjoy a sense of community in the gym.

Group training is also a great way to stay motivated and accountable. If you know you’re struggling with your diet and workout routine, being around supportive people with similar goals can keep you on track when you’re struggling.

Small group sessions run for many of my coaching techniques: CrossFit, bodybuilding, HIIT and beyond. Get in touch for specifics, and I’ll be sure to find you a group that fits your needs, abilities, and schedule!




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