weight loss / Fat Loss

If you’re looking to shred down, get healthier, and develop an amazing body, you need to talk to me. My name is Winviell Casimir. I’m a multiply certified personal trainer. With years of experience in the field, I’ve helped countless clients lose weight, get in great shape, and feel more confident in their body. Whether Read More

Interval Training

  Interval training is the best form of exercise for you busy, on-the-go types. Interval training is all about combining high-intensity exercise with low-intensity exercise so that you can keep going hard for your whole session without burning out. This means that you can make amazing use of a single session in a way that Read More

High Intensity Training

High intensity training is like interval training, but without the rest! This type of exercise is all about getting yourself to achieve huge amounts of hard work in a short time. This is an even more intense, unforgiving form of workout than interval training and has the highest time-efficiency: you can get a killer conditioning Read More

Cross functional

   Cross functional is a huge workout style/sport and I’ve been enthusiastic about this methodology for a long time. BodyByWin is all about providing high-intensity functional training: exercises that give you an excellent workout in a short time, combining key movements like squats, Olympic lifts and distinctive conditioning pieces. If you’re looking to get into Read More