Winviell Casimir

Winviell Casimir

•Winviell Casimir is a fitness professional with over 12 years of experience

in personal sport coaching & training.

•In the award-winning Club Aspria in Berlin and many deluxe top-quality gyms like:

Holmes Place, Fitness First Black Label, Winviell has trained an impressive number of clients

including all ages and conditions.


Conditioning and Cardio Fitness

Getting in great shape is only half the battle: getting fit and healthy is a key goal by itself – a goal we’re here to help with! If you’re looking to make the very best of your health, my coaching for cardio exercise and conditioning will leave you sweaty but healthy! This type of exercise Read More

Body Shaping

   Are you looking to develop a sleek, toned physique? This means firm muscles, dropping those extra kilos and achieving the best health of your life. There are no down-sides! I have extensive experience working to develop a physique that you can be comfortable in and proud of.  Through a mixture of weight training, high-intensity Read More

Body building

   Bodybuilding is all about developing a stunning physique: big muscles, low body fat, great proportions. With over a decade of experience in the field of gaining muscle, burning fat, and developing amazing bodies, I’ve got all the tools you need to develop your own physique from beginner to competitive. With a combination of classical Read More